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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 11, 2009 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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because now every can turns blue when your beer... is as cold as the rockies. it's cold insurance, only from coors light. cold beer: that's our policy. frost-brewed coors light. the world's most refreshing beer. we continue to the top the 12th. you see the lines. take a look at that time bullpen game this is year for what this staff has done, what a turn around they've made. >> rob: they've done a great job turning this around. going to go down a lot tonight in era. see that batting average. that's what a bullpen should look like. they're starting to pitch like
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their job depends on it. i'm sure that's what the coach versus explained to the gentleman. >> johnny: speaking to one of the older veterans. ron villone comes on. he has tossed 17 scoreless innings. to start off the 12th inning with jay bruce. he drew in the only cincinnati runs way back. five hours 4 minutes ago. >> rob: 9 scoreless innings by martis at that time. >> johnny: bruce with a two run shot. seemed like only moments ago. >> rob: that's a good spot for
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most lefties. bruce lights it in. that was his 14th home run after last season. >> johnny: one of the interesting things about this guy from new jersey, he's an all conference tight end. >> rob: built like a brick house. he's looked like that since i met him down in 94 in puerto rico. we worked out together. 1994. >> rob: i was looking for a
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job. we were on strike. i was a free agent. i used to run the beach every morning. >> johnny: staying in shape just in case. >> rob: i had to prove i was healthy. the white sox gave me a contct it was worth while. i made great friends down ere. johnnyalex gonzalez now 1 hive 1 -- 1-4 double in the 2nd. nobody out. bruce at 1st. the runner is safe. slipped on the t right in front of the mound. >> rob: ryan tried to make a
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dn t the chance . ck it up. you're going toh him throw it before he gets the ball in his glove. he tried to recover a little bit ere. >> johnny: the error charged to ryan villone. >> rob: good save there by belliard. they'll try to figure out what to do defensively here at 1st and d with no outs. villone has got get off the mound ancover so zimmermann can stay loam. stay home. >> johnny: johnson onhe grass at.
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>> rob: 1st. body -- goes off the glove. watch ry zimmeann re. >> johnn fastballwhat happened there, lack of communication. manny acta will come out to the mound after break. we'll be back 2-2 ballgame here in the top of the 12th. gecko: , well maybe how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in america? nice tidbit there. boss: exactly. and i've been thinking, looking a bit more businesslike might help too. gecko: oh my. uhhh, no it's, what's, what's the word... vogeico. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.
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villone's work is done the night. jay son bergmann will come on. bruce at 3rd. gonzalez at 1st on with the error. ryan hanigan set to step in now. tough situation for jason bergmann. >> rob: yes, it is. right here you're thinking you could possibly get the fastball in to try to make him pop it up
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and strike him out. >> johnny: grounded out. nice play by ryan. one down. >> rob: nope . foul ball at this particular time. -- i want to see the replay to see if it was a foul ball. it does go foul. nice call. >> johnny: gonzalez goes to 1 1st 1 1st, bruce stays at 3rd 3rd. >> rob: that's exactly the play you want. he'll try to get a ground ball here. then you'll worry about rolling a double play ball. >> johnny: jason coming back from syracuse on may 20th. grounded to 2nd. johnson, runner out at 1st on a run down. guzman back to belliard, back
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to guzman. there's two out on the double play. >> rob: nice play. watch the runner. >> johnny: all the time bruce can only stay at 3rd base. >> rob: that was a fabulous defensive play. >> johnny: 4, 3, 6, 4, 6. however you score that, it's fantastic. >> rob: he'll run the runner back to 1st. now you have to tag him out. they do. they get gonzalez. you'll watch bruce can't go anywhere. goes back, what do i do? he goes back to the bag. he gets caught. >> johnny: gomes will pitch now
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for cincinnati. bruce has been there, double play. big plus for jason bergmann. gomes makes a pitch outside and low. nice stop. >> rob: that was a tough pitch to handle. a lot of great pitches with a lot of movement on them. >> johnny: eight of the last ten appearances have been as a -- cincinnati takes the lead 3- 2. up against the wall. gomes to 2nd base with a double. reds lead it 3-2. >> rob: i think gomes did a great job of reading the ball.
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mccatty will not be happy with that. ground ball. that's what happens when you break the ball sometimes. >> johnny: gomes will round 3 3rd. he will score. the hairston rbi, heading for second. not before the run scores. reds have a lead 4-2. the nationals and the more work to be done here in the bottom of the 12th inning. they're down by 2. we'll be back in a minute. we've got a ton of stuff we've gotta pay for. and a few things we want to pay for.
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gomes with a pitch and reds have a 4-2 lead. here come the other outstanding members of the bullpen. david weathers who shut out opponents in 20 of his last 24 appearances. this is appearance 921. struck out 10 -- walked 10 struck out 15. he becomes the fifth cincinnati pitcher this evening. austin kearns will try to get things going for the nats. they came back to tie it in the
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bottom of the 9th. let's see if they can again in the bottom of the 12th. it can be done. bottom of the 9th inning. guzman on deck. kearns leads it off. 0-2. >> rob: these guys played together in cincinnati.
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>> johnny: kearns takes the call, third strike. reds are two outs away from a 4- 4-2 win. set this pitch up with a breaking ball. >> rob: he comes back with a sinking ball. that's a salty veteran that's been here a thousand games. moves the ball in and out, up down, doesn't have the stuff any longer. >> johnny: back to the top of the line up for the nationals. guzman tries to keep things going. david weathers is number 22 in games pitched all time.
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>> rob: it would be close to get through 1000. i'm sure he has another year under his belt. >> johnny: 1-2 to guzman. one out here in the 12th.
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pitch just misses inside. >> rob: one of us saw him pitch in person. >> johnny: one of us saw cox pitch in person too. it is 12:49 a.m. guzman to hernandez. it's two down. it's up to nick johnson to keep things going and keep the nationals' hope's live. down by 2 in the 12th. >> rob: nick johnson would be bringing back in he gets it
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here here. >> johnny: out field playing that straight away. right back at you later on today beginning at 4:30 the give away game in the series. >> johnny: 3-0 to johnson. got to get a man on. >> rob: got the heart of the order coming up. got to get on. >> rob: weathers came up from the blue jays in the 88 draft.
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3-1. nobody on. ryan zimmermann waiting on deck 
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he's . the count even at 1-1. racked up they're 34th win of
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the season. the nationals 9-21. overall 15-41. the ball game is over at 12:52 a.m. if reds have won it 4-2. the final score the cincinnati reds beat washington 4-2. joining us again coming upped to on masn 2. it's been a presentation of masn. stay tuned for nats extra post game coming upright now. 
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there's a look at nationals  park with the look at delay. the final 4-2. nats extra post game show on masn is brought to you by verizon fios. the fastest internet. the tale of two games it felt like here. when did we start? five or six hours ago at 7. the nationals got down 0-2 early on. then a crazy top of the 12th inning to wind things down. >> it's been crazy season. we've had so many rain delays. it's very difficult. cordera has to come back to the mound and that's tough to do. it's a big part of every
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athletic event. the momentum changed. >> the 12th inning he got that. there's so many innings. so many rain delays. let's look at what happened. >> it's slippery out there. then like the wheel play. he break and the shortstop doesn't go to third. that tacked another run to make it 4-2. not a lot of offense tonight from either ball club. the reds got out ahead in the second inning. >> they had three hits through
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nine innings. you really felt like that 9th inning was the best chance for the nats to win the game. because of the way the offense had not been able to function during the game, that was they're best chance to win the gay. >> it really is. you're going to have two or three chances to win minimally. we always call situational hitting. we're hitting less than 200 with runners in the scoring position. scoring only 1.73 runs per game. >> extra inning games too. we haven't won one game in extra innings. it's 0-9 this season and 8 here at home. a lot of die hard fans have hung in there. >> not many in hered to. >> no, no. we did have some die hards that
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hung in there. >> you always do and it's the same people all the time that hang around to see that win. with metro leaving at 11:30, you have people filing out of here. >> the bottom line is that clutch hit that we have been waiting for. it was june 10th, 2008 the last time they won a game after trailing after 8. i was hoping but june 10th, '09 wasn't meant to be. >> any time that he can have the kind of outing that he had tonight where he only gives up three hits in 7 innings deserved a much better faith than this. >> absolutely,. >> johnny:ny. had one mistake and that was
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the home run ball that hit batter before that. your team fights back, gets you back in the ball game. there's an error made out there in the field. you're going to be see it coming by willingham, comes back, strikeout and there you see the flip over to christian guzman. he get a ground ball double play to get out of that. that's one of those things he can build on and move on. >> one of the things about this ball game, the fact that the nats nathan was were able to fight back. the bull pen is so tough, you have to fight and scratch to get anything off those guys. >> it's starting to look guys. even that double play that was
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turned over. the bull pen is throwing much better. if the offense catches back up, it's going to be good things. back to you guys on the set. >> thank a lot guys as the reds win it 4-2. it seems like it was a world ago when martin was on the hill. three hits as we talked about. only the two run. another quality start for him keeping the team in the ball game. the pitching is doing what they're supposed to be doing. >> he had the slider just working. he had the fast ball. he got nick hitting by pitch and hernandez hits a rocket and jim dives to make as good a play as you're going to make. really two mistakes tonight all night long. most of them in the same spot. in is kind of story line.
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phillips up there. nice little turn and bruce ground into first, rolling that ball over. then gonzalez flies real deep and makes good play on it as it gets back. intentional babble and the rain to second base. again, our pitching staff has really shut down the opposition, less than four runs a game over the last seven eight games, 3.57 to be exact. >> all right. >> let's head down


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